Classroom Ideas


In order to make learning numbers a bit more exciting I use these math problems for the kids to match up with the numbers written out in Spanish. I have also used them to play a game of Bingo / Lotería. Get them for free on Teachers Pay Teachers here!   


El Mapa

In an effort to improve my own teaching and share my experiences with others, I am making a commitment today to update this blog more often! Recently our department has been having lots of discussions about creating and implementing more interpretive tasks into the classroom so I hope that I will be able to share more… Continue reading El Mapa



Rome is a city with a lot of history which makes the historical sites fascinating to visit but in my opinion it was also a very overwhelming city. I'm not sure if the high tourist season or the sweltering heat of the summer were to blame but the city felt a bit like a huge amusement park. I… Continue reading Roma