Bares en el sótano y en el cielo

One of my last few nights in Buenos Aires I went to two 2 new (to me) bars in the Retiro area with a couple of friends. One of the things I love about this city is that there are many  hidden gems. You can certainly walk the streets and be sure to find a plethora of great restaurants and bars. However, these two fabulous bars will definitely impress your guests in Buenos Aires.


Bar #1: BASA Basemanet Bar

Basavilbaso 1328 Retiro,

beautiful and hip decor, delicious drinks and appetizers with reasonable prices, and loud but energetic music to get the night started

Bar #2 Floreria Atlántico

Arryo 872 Retiro,

enter through a flower shop and down to the basement to find a packed and lively bar with a huge selection of drinks and a great chic vibe

Article on Floreria Atlántico – NY TIMES


*Bonus Bar: Sky Bar

Maipú 907 Retiro,

Another great bar I have been to in the Retiro area – fabulous rooftop bar, live music and great view!!



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