Classroom Ideas

Tarjeta Postal

My department focuses a lot on the literacy of the Spanish language so I’ve been brainstorming ways to make writing more interesting for the students instead of just practicing simple sentences over and over. Two things I have tried to focus on is 1 –  creating prompts with a real world context and 2 – making writing more than just a pencil and paper activity. Here is an activity I did recently that the students really enjoyed and it took writing to a whole new level.


I told the students to imagine they were going to be an exchange student for the next semester and they would be living with a family in Buenos Aires. The son in the family, Enrique Solano [a made up  name from actual friends of mine in Buenos Aires ;)] has sent them a post card and would like them to respond! I displayed the post card I had created through the doc-u-cam and multiple students kept asking, Is this a real person? Is that a real postcard? 🙂 I love lessons that require no classroom management because they are genuinely engaged in the activity and this one of them!

I printed the same exact postcard template on card-stock for the students to use and they each wrote their own tarjeta postal. I also gave them a real address in Buenos Aires for Enrique and told them I would put them in the mail that afternoon. Sometimes they are so gullible!


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