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IMG_3046One of the things I added to my teaching repertoire this year was the PASAPORTE. Although I cannot take all the credit for this idea (I do believe there was something similar posted on the Creative Language Classroom blog) I have adapted the idea in my own way and I absolutely love these! Looking for a fun and creative way to keep track of participation that also relieves some of your work load?!? Instead of trying to keep track of participation on my clipboard with a million tally marks that start to make it so I cannot even read my seating chart…the students use their pasaportes and collect stamps to keep track of how many times they have participated. I usually only gives stamps out for answering questions in Spanish (since that is the main purpose of participation in a Spanish class) but sometimes they can receive stamps for other things such as: winning a vocabulary game, reading something out loud…etc. The best part about the pasaportes is that I choose a student to do the stamping for me (they also receive a stamp for this) so I can focus on the response of the student and not worry about making sure to give them the participation stamps for a response.IMG_3047 2

In addition to being a great way to keep track of participation, I have also added a cultural element to them by giving students a new Spanish speaking country nationality and they display this on the front of the pasaporte. My students sit at tables that have a certain country assigned to that table so when they fill out their pasaportes they receive the nationality of the country assigned to their table. To add some student choice you could always let them pick their country. I have them do this for one of the quarters and it always brings up great discussions about what Spanish speaking countries interest the kids and why.

I tell students up front how many stamps they need for an A, B, C…etc. and then I collect them at the end of each grading period. I never thought high schoolers would be motivated by stamps, but it really does work. I highly recommend this fun and interactive tool for participation. Students are able to see their progress with participation, it is a fun and hands on experience to collect stamps and create the pasaportes and it also brings in an element of culture to the classroom. I must say if my students ever go through customs in a Spanish Speaking country at least they’ll know what document to present when the officer says ‘Pasaporte por favor.’

Download my Pasaporte Template for FREE here


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